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Guangzhou Liyan Science Technology Development CO., LTD
Foshan Aipuer Power Equipment Factory
flasher,ignition,Silicon rectifier electronic regulator,relay,High pressure bag,magnetor and motorcycle ,auto slug anti-theft alarm(RFID) etc. products
Guangzhou Shuangsi Trading CO.,LTD
Motorcycle Parts,Auto Parts,Japan Fushi Clutch,Taizhong Jianbao Dongli,ignition coil,Japan Samsung Leather belt,Japan TK Carburettor,Japan Dongyang filter,Zhaohe Ningjiang Shock Absorber,Japan Arai seal,Taiwan Manxiang Group Yuxiang Battery,Dongzhipu seri
Chongqing Tuolong Science Technology CO.,LTD
various specifications of magnetors,coils and coil sets, ignitors, ignition coils, flash buzzers, relays, voltage regulators, sensors,starting motors, and engine cases of power-assisted vehicle etc.
Guangzhou Panyu FeiDa Electrical Appliances CO., LTD
Specializing in the production of motorcycle use ignition, Rectifier regulator, ignition coil, start relay,Electronic flash, magnetos, motors and products
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