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Hangzhou Yongli Baihe Industry CO., LTD
Specializing in the production of A/B series roller chain ,bush chain ,motorcycle chain,elevating chain ,machinery chain,stainless steel chain
Jieyang Rongxing Hardware Factory
stainless steel storeage compartment ,headstock box,motorcycle front rear guard frame,auto front rear guard frame
Guangzhou Fulida Auto Accessories CO.,LTD
various operating steel wire and soft-shaft products used for automobile, motorcycle, ship, sports facilities and various machines
Jiangmen Xinhui Shuangshui Shunying Hardware Factory
Specializing in the production, processing, stainless steel, copper hardware
Yongwang Vehicle Industry Accessories Factory
Various plating, stainless steel, painting mud watts, yoke plate brake, handlebar, ancient cover, tool box
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